“Is Armadill really free to use?”

Yes, you can use Armadill’s basic functionality for free. Have fun!

“How does it work?”

  1. Use the simple Kanban board to pick your personal daily goals (3 per day is ideal)
  2. send the snapshot of your 3 daily priorities to your team’s dashboard via the purple button on the upper part of the page once you’re ready to report your plans for the day
  3. drag the goals to the “Done” list once you have achieved them
  4. automatic notification about achieving your goal is posted to your team’s dashboard

“How can I invite my team members to join?

Copy and share the unique “Invite link” on the “Team” page to add more team members to your account. The ideal team size is max 10 people.

“How does this tool prevent remote employee burnout?”

One of the biggest problems of remote work is the fact that people tend to work too much and burn out as a result of it. Office-based work offers a clear structure of 9-to-5 but that doesn’t make sense with remote work, so a clear results-oriented work structure is needed.

Move the needle on the top 3 priorities every day and you can feel accomplished as an employee and skip the “busy work” that fills typical days in the office. Armadill helps to keep a focus on strict priorities (max 3 for each day) and gives full transparency over your whole team’s progress so you wouldn’t feel alone.

“I have some ideas on how Armadill could be better, how can I reach you?”

Contact us via the chat box on the website or send us an email at business(ät)armadill.me

“What’s the ideal team size for using this as status reporting tool?”

With the basic features set, the ideal team size for using Armadill is about 10 active users. If you want to use Armadill with a bigger team, please let us know about it by contacting us at business(ät)armadill.me

“Is there a premium version available?”

Armadill’s basic functionality is always free. If you are missing some specific features or want to use it with a team that’s bigger than 10 people, we’re open to developing additional features that would provide more value within a premium version.

“Why should my whole team use this tool?”

Because transparency is super important for a remote team and everyone has to be proactive about it. Armadill provides the simplest possible way of structuring everyone’s work day with a Kanban board and a simple option to do virtual daily stand-ups with only 1-click.

“Can I be part of multiple workspaces in Armadill?”

Yes, you can be part of multiple workspaces/teams (3 max) with the same email account. You can toggle between your workspaces on the lower left part of the webapp.

“Can I use it even if my team is not working remotely?”

Yes, of course! Transparency and good structure is important for any type of team.