Free Kanban-ish Task Management Tool for Remote Teams

Pick 3 main goals for each day and avoid remote work burnout by sticking to achieving them. Simple Kanban structure helps to keep the focus and team-wide dashboard offers effortless transparency for the whole team.

Achieve 3 goals each day – that’s it.

Don’t get overwhelmed with too many priorities – just pick a handful of priorities and execute them.

Daily progress

True progress is achieved by consistently getting stuff done – however big or small. Just keep working towards your goals every single day.

Focus on what matters

You can only pick 3 goals for each day, which means that you have to really think about the right priorities you want to work towards.


Your team’s dashboard shows what daily goals everyone has chosen and when they have dragged them to the “DONE” list.

It’s free – get started today

Armadill gives remote employees a simple daily work structure and provides managers with a bird’s eye view of their team’s progress. It’s the simplest possible results-oriented workflow that focuses on transparent status reporting and offers opportunities for organic employee recognition.